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Eastern European SFF Anthology project

by Darius Hupov

This is the page for the Eastern European SFF Anthology Project.

The 2021 Anthology title is: THE VIRAL CURTAIN.

To download the PDF, click here.

In the page below, you have the information on the project.

The best way to promote SFF writers is to collect short stories and publish them in an anthology.

How we started

After a ZOOM international Meeting of the SFF Club „Syndicate 9” from Timisoara, Romania, most of the participants thought that this was the way to go. The meeting centered on European SFF Magazines (both online and printed) and all participants were from former Communist Bloc countries (with some exceptions, like Nina Horvath, from Austria).

One of the Romanian participants, Alexandru Lamba, proposed a collaboration between parties, to promote Eastern-European authors. After thoughtful consideration (and long talks with his fellow club colleagues), Darius Hupov launched the Eastern European SFF Short Story Anthology proposal.

The Project

Here are some of the most important aspects of the project:

  • each year, the project participants will submit a short SFF story for the Anthology
  • the participants must be from Eastern European countries (a mixture of geographic and political meaning of what Eastern Europe means)
  • each country will put forth a national coordinator, who is responsible for promoting the project to the SFF creators in his or her country and submit the short story (translated in English language) to the project coordinator
  • each year, by rotation, the project will have another project coordinator, who will propose a theme for that year
  • the project coordinator will be in charge of collecting all the short stories from the national coordinators, to produce the cover and the pagination for the SFF Anthology
  • the Anthology will be, for the time being, in eBook format
  • the Anthology will be promoted and offered for free by the national SFF promoters, at national and international SFF Conventions

2021 Anthology

Here is some information about the 2021 edition:

  • the theme is: „A hemorrhagic fever appears in one East European country and spreads rapidly. All the East Europe countries are put in a tight quarantine.”
  • the project coordinator is Darius Hupov from Romania
  • the cover for the Anthology will be created by Cristian Vicol (Romania)
  • deadline for the short story submission is April 14th 2021
  • deadline for the Anthology is July 1st 2021

Here is a list of all the participating countries, alongside their respective coordinators (in no particular order):

Slovakia – Katarína Čavojová
Poland – Marcin Klak
Serbia – Žarko Milićević
Croatia – Antonija Mežnarić
Slovenia – Bojan Ekselenski
Montenegro – Dragic Rabrenović
Estonia – Agur Karukäpp
Russia – Alexandra Zlotnitskaia
Moldavia – Pociumban Mihai
Romania – Darius Hupov
Hungary – Éva Vancsó
Greece – Hephestion Christopoulos
Ukraine – Alyona Silina

The list is open. Even if you are not sure if your country is an „Eastern European Country” in the sense explained above, but want to be a national coordinator, please send an email to the project coordinator for 2021, Darius Hupov at hupovdarius [at] gmail {dot} com

Here is the list of authors and short story titles, for the 2021 Anthology:

Montenegro Dragić Rabrenović We Are All Sinful
Greece Kostas Charitos The Greek Issue
Romania Cristian Vicol It burns!
Hungary Sándor Szélesi You Will Go, You Will Return
Ukraine Oleh Silin Blessed By The Fever
Russia Alexey Vert The Boy Who Never Told a Lie
Slovenia Majda Arhnauer Subašič Anger Of The Goddess Ekvorna
Slovakia Ivana Molnárová- Dubcová, Marek Brenišin The Scorpion Sting
Serbia Miloš Petrik Business As Usual
Estonia Meelis Kraft The Last Day Of A Lost Decade

This is the Anthology Cover. Digital art: Adrian Chifu. Design: Cristian Vicol.

The Viral Curtain Cover

The Viral Curtain Cover

This page will be updated, as new information will be available. Please visit it on a monthly basis.

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